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Relaxation Soundbath - February 21 2020

Fri, 21st Feb, 2020, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM (ACDT)

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Tribal Spiral, 1/518 Goodwood Road, Daw Park, South Australia, 5041 View Map
AU$30.00 to AU$35.00

About this event

Lie down, relax, become still and follow the sound.

Join me for an hour of soothing harmonics and relaxing sounds of my Tibetan singing bowls.

Experience a new level of bliss as you slip into a deep state of relaxation. Each session is designed to leave you feeling relaxed and blissed out.

Just like dropping a stone in water, the vibrations spread in waves gently dissolving tensions, giving you a nurturing massage deep into your body.

Sound Healing is an extremely powerful, non-invasive and safe method used to release stress and reduce physical pain.

The sound vibrations emitted by the Tibetan singing bowls are rich in natural harmonics.

These vibrations cause the right and left sides of your brain to synchronize and emit alpha and theta brain waves in synchronicity with the vibrations emanating from the singing bowls.

Theta brainwaves are essential to healing the body and mind and create an experience commonly known as 'being in the zone', and help you to deeply relax.

Sound healing using Tibetan Singing Bowls can help to:
– reduce stress and anxiety –
– relax your body and mind –
– produce a deep sense of stillness and tranquillity –
– increase mental and emotional clarity –
– reduce pain –
– improve sleep –
– promote a sense of happiness and wellbeing –
– deepen your meditation experience –

A Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Meditation is a nurturing way to bring healing to your body, mind and emotions, and each time is different as a particular bowl 'sings' to you.

Warming tea and light refreshments provided.

General Admission (BYO everything) | $25 ($20 early bird) * 4 spots *
General Admission (Deluxe) | Everything provided (with super comfy padded mat) | $35 ($30 early bird) * 4 spots *
General Admission (Chair) | Relax in a reclining chair with blanket and eye pillow | $35 ($30 early bird) * 1 spot *

Everyone welcome.

Only 9 spots available. Please book early to avoid missing out.

The meditation will commence promptly at 7pm, and doors will open at 6.45pm.

I look forward to seeing you!


Please note that spots are limited to 9 and I do not offer a full refund if you cancel with less than 2 days’ notice.
Cancellations with 7 days’ notice or more will be offered a full refund/rebooking.

If you have given 2 days’ notice or more and would like to re-book I will happily provide a credit for future soundbaths. If you cancel the subsequent rebooking the credit will become void.

By purchasing a ticket you are agreeing to my terms and conditions and cancellation policy.

Thanks so much for your understanding.

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